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Projekte von ABK - Divisione di ABK GROUP INDUSTRIE CERAMICHE S.p.A.

Private residence - Lugo (RA)

Japanese-style interiors

A small apartment in the province of Ravenna stands out for its unexpectedly exotic interiors, where the architect has resolved the critical design issues with solutions that combine functionality and aesthetics

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B&B Enjoy - Milan

Under the spires of Milan cathedral

A disused apartment building has been converted into elegant and comfortable guestrooms with a view

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BRIX Brew Pub - Collegno (TO)

Breathing new life into an old industrial building

A 1960s family-owned former industrial building in Collegno (Turin) has been converted into a pub complete with a kitchen and craft beer production area

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Casa Canale, Vasto (CH)

The 4D manifesto of a European research project

The concept of all-round eco-sustainability was the guiding principle behind Casa Canale, a home designed by Pietro De Cinque

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"Casa OM" private residence - Turin

The beauty of building techniques past and present

The renovation of a nineteenth-century house provided an opportunity to create fresh beauty by combining contemporary technology with age-old expertise

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Hotel Cavour - Bologna

Rooms with a view

The Hotel Cavour renovation project focuses on elegance and comfort

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Monteborre farm holiday resort - Cento (Ferrara)

Monteborre, a boutique hotel immersed in the countryside near Cento

A nineteenth-century property surrounded by nature was renovated and converted for use in high-end hospitality, complete with swimming pool and spa

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Hanging Apartment - Rome

A living room with a view of the Prenestino neighbourhood

A Rome apartment is organised around an open-space living room, with the kitchen as the central hub of family life.

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Playground Apartment - Rome

A sports-inspired home

The renovation project for a small apartment in Rome opts for bold and visually-striking graphic solutions and transparent accents

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IPSSEOA Buontalenti Hotel Management School - Florence

A state-of-the-art hospitality school

An interior design project for a hotel management school in Florence has revolutionised the entrance areas and teaching spaces

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Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence, York University - York, Ontario (Canada)

The Renaissance of engineering

Creativity begets creativity: this is the lesson to be learned from the Bergeron Centre in Toronto, winner of the Tile Competition 2018

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Klebemittel: Mapei
Private Villa - Acilia, Rome

An uninterrupted expanse of ceramic

By using porcelain tile as an architectural hallmark in its flooring, furnishing and wall garden, a single-family villa near Rome blurs the boundaries between the indoor and outdoor environments

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Sanitärkeramik: Ceramica Cielo
Angolo Divino - Restaurant Spaghetteria Pizzeria - Gioia del Colle (BA)

A taste for transparency

Complete with showcase kitchen, this restaurant-pizzeria combines the utmost practicality with a sense of boundless space. Like a large box containing a glass heart, the venue juxtaposes distinc-tive design with simple, understated materials

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